Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I see my account balance or what magazines I have on subscription or standing order?

Our website is not linked to our accounting software so your personal details like that are only available to us in the office. Please call or email us at any time if you have questions about your account.

Does my credit card get charged as soon as I send the order?

No we don't have a prepay system. If you elect to pay by credit card and insert your card details we load them onto your customer account first and then process the order. If all or part of the order is not immediately available we only charge your card with the products as they are shipped.

Where on your site do I find information on shipping (within nz)?

When you place your order the postage options will be listed according to the total weight of the order and you can then select your preferred option which will then show the cost..
New Zealand Post A4 Envelope at $3.20 in which we can place up to two to three magazines up to a maximum total thickness of 20mm.
The next is for a parcel no thicker than 70mm which costs $5.20
If the order is thicker than 70mm the charges are $8.70 within the North Island and $14.90 to the South Island.

If you wish to know the freight cost before we process the order just put comment to that effect on the order.

What products do you wholesale and how can I find out about wholesale prices

Login and create an account. Be sure to fill in all the boxes. We will than contact you to verify your type of business and the products that you wish to purchase. Once your account has been approved then whenever you login again you will have access to the wholesale prices. NOTE: All prices on this website including wholesale prices include GST.

We wholesale the following products:
Magazines and Special Editions (from certain publishers only)